2011 Summary

The NSF and DoD sponsored activities have been successful. The Synthesis, Characterization and Prognostic Modeling of Functionally Graded Hybrid Composites for Extreme Environments AFOSR (MURI) program has been successfully reviewed by AFOSR. The International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion (IIMEC) is proceeding successfully with new countries joining the collaboration effort of the existing countries currently part of the IIMEC. In addition, TiiMs hosted three visiting scholars who attended the IIMEC Winter School and Winter Meeting. Industry support of the institute was also maintained in 2011. The Smart Vehicle Concepts Center (SVC), an NSF I/UCRC site, continues to be active with The Boeing Company providing two pre-competitive research grants.

Dr. Darren Hartl has also worked with Boeing and DARPA on six distinct funded research efforts, and he has been brought into the institute as research faculty focusing on interactions with aerospace and other industries. The Consortium for the Advancement of Shape Memory Alloy Research and Technology (CASMART) continues to reach out to industry partners, including Rolls-Royce, General Motors, and others. Dr. Hartl has already recruited a new TiiMs collaborator for 2012 (Weber Aircraft) and initiated a productive collaboration with Dr.Richard Malak (MEEN) to strengthen our competencies in the area of quantitative design and optimization. Finally, Dr. Mohammed Naraghi, a new Assistant Professor in AERO, has been added to the institute to enhance our multifunctional composites metrology capabilities.

Finally, partially in support of anticipated institute growth, TiiMs offices and laboratories have been moved to newly renovated space in the Wisenbakerbuilding. The headquarters now includes offices for two full-time faculty (Hartl and Lagoudas), the institute administrator, a graduate student assistant affiliated with the IIMEC, two post-doctoral researchers, and three visiting scholars.